Featured MEOC Advisor, Randi Paine

MEOC Advisor Randi Paine has been with MEOC for nearly 12 years, and currently serves students in York and Cumberland counties. As she says,

“The best part of my 10 plus year career with MEOC are the relationships I’ve been able to build with students and community partners.  Please let me know how I may serve you!”

To schedule a meeting with Randi, email her at randi.paine@maine.edu, or sign up for a session: https://meoc.maine.edu/sessions/session-schedule/.

If you’d like to hear a little bit about how Randi works with one of MEOC’s partner agencies, please watch the video below.

Featured MEOC Advisor – Christy Le

MEOC Advisor Christy Le serves MEOC participants in Androscoggin, Cumberland, Franklin, Lincoln, Oxford, Sagadahoc, and Somerset counties.

Christy says:

“I’ve been with MEOC for almost 20 years. Each adult comes to me with a different goal, a unique story and path with obstacles to overcome.  I enjoy working alongside them helping to navigate the admissions process as well as applying for financial aid and bringing all the pieces together to make their career/education goal a reality.”
 In her time with MEOC, Christy has made many valuable partnerships that help when working with MEOC participants. To hear from one of MEOC’s partners on how they work with Christy, please watch the video below! To set up a meeting with Christy, please email her at christy.j.le@maine.edu, or sign up for a session: https://meoc.maine.edu/sessions/session-schedule/.