Essentials of College Planning Workshop Frequently Asked Questions

Just registered for your Essentials of College Planning workshop? Great, we can’t wait to see you!

If you’re like many of the folks we work with, you’ve got some questions about what to expect at your workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the workshop?
Bring your most recently completed taxes. We will use these taxes to help you fill our your FAFSA. Even if your most recent taxes are not from the current year, it is still better to use them as an estimate, and then go back and make changes later.

How long are Essentials of College Planning Workshops?
It varies based on the needs of the individuals in the workshop. Sometimes they can be 30 minutes, sometimes two hours. If you know ahead of time that you have time restrictions, make sure your MEOC advisor knows!

I am 18-23 years old, why do I still need my parent’s signature?
This is a complicated one, but the simple answer is that until you are 24 years old, your parent’s signature is required to fill out the FAFSA, and to prove your eligibility for MEOC services. There are exceptions, based on various living situations, so if you’re not sure you can get your parent’s signature, you should talk to your MEOC Advisor!

Can I bring my kids to my workshop?
We love children at MEOC: however, a workshop is not a place to bring young children.  Your attention needs to be devoted to the information at the workshop.  If you have a problem with child care please check in with the advisor to schedule an individual appointment.

How many other people will be in my workshop?
Depends on the site! Some places only have room for a 1-2 people plus the advisor, some have more space.

What happens if I miss my workshop?
If you know you are going to miss your workshop, please call our toll free number,(800)281-3703, to get rescheduled! You can also reach out directly to the advisor. Their information is on our Contact Us page.