Announcing a new MEOC site: Portland Goodwill Workforce Services 

Portland Goodwill Workforce Services MapMEOC advisor Randi Paine is happy to announce her new office space at Portland Goodwill Workforce Services. Very conveniently located at 190 Lancaster Street, this is a great opportunity for folks looking to get back to college to get started!
Randi can be found here most Mondays, but she also travels throughout the southern part of the state regularly. If you are interested, please schedule a meeting with Randi first!
You can contact Randi directly either via phone (207)356-3485 or email:

MEOC Grant submitted

Karen Keim and the MEOC staff are happy to announce that the MEOC grant was recently submitted to the US Department of Education. More information will be coming soon, but for now, cross your fingers and wish us luck!!!