Measures of Growth 2017

Measures of Growth is an annual report put out by the Maine Development Foundation for the Maine Economic Growth Council that looks at a variety of metrics to evaluate Maine’s economic growth and potential. This year’s report came out recently, and contains typically useful information.

There were indicators in a variety of areas that may be of interest to MEOC participants and partners.

Employment and workforce – Jobs are projected to increase each year. With that comes a unique challenge to Mainers, as the projected amount of workers available for these jobs is also projected to decrease. In large part, this is due to Maine’s status as a rapidly aging state.

The job sectors that see the most projected growth include Health Care and Social Assistance, Leisure and Hospitality, Construction, Professional and Business Services, and Education Services. One issue facing Maine is that many of these jobs require significant training, including postsecondary education of a variety of types, including professional certificates, associates, bachelors degrees, and sometimes more. Continue reading

MEOC Summer 2017 Newsletter – Money, Money, Money!!!

​​In This Issue:
  • Tips on minimizing and managing college debt
  • MEOC Referral Program – Win prizes!
  • MEOC featured in the Bangor Daily News
  • In their own words – MEOC participants talk about their path to and through college.
  • Featured location – Machias CareerCenter

Tips on Minimizing and Managing College Debt

It’s no secret that the rising cost of college has a lot of potential college students a little worried. While most accept the fact that a college degree would help them get a better job, the worry that college debt would overwhelm any salary increases is a legitimate fear. Fortunately, among the services provided by MEOC is a comprehensive plan to help get each student on their way to a college degree, without crippling college debt. In the first part of this newsletter, we will focus on a few strategies that can help, but if you really want individualized plans, make an appointment to see the MEOC advisor in your area!

Adult Ed classes

One cost that many nontraditional students aren’t prepared for is the cost of taking classes to re-learn skills they once knew. College classes often have pre-requisite knowledge, for example, a solid knowledge of Algebra, that many nontraditional students may no longer possess. Paying by the credit hour to regain these skills can be a very expensive proposition. By utilizing the services of your local Adult Education Agency, you can build these skills in a much more cost-effective manner. Not sure what your knowledge gaps might be? Don’t worry about it! Your MEOC advisor can help you figure out what the prerequisites are to your program of interest, and help you figure out a way to identify ALL of the steps you need to meet on the way.

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