MEOC Workshop Descriptions

To register for a MEOC Workshop, call 1-800-281-3703.

Essentials of College Planning
This workshop introduces people to educational opportunities in general and MEOC services in particular. This interactive workshop touches on the four steps in the college process: admissions, financial aid, career and study skills. The admission section reviews college options, the college search process and the application structure. The fundamentals of financial aid, including the filing process and the applications are covered in detail. Career options and counseling are introduced. Effective transitions into college, college readiness and study skills are discussed. The participant receives 101 The Essentials of College Planning Workbook, The Post Secondary Guide to Education in Maine, The Student Guide, and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Career Exploration
Participants will learn steps to exploring careers and making decisions about new careers. Participants will have an opportunity to complete self-assessment interest inventories. Building upon the assessment results, a counselor will aid the participants in evaluating careers which best fit their interest, skills and job values. Additional topics include: attending college vs. alternative training; discussion of past employment and ideas for future career trends.

Financial Aid
The Financial Aid Workshop will provide an overview of financial basics and the completion of the Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Discussion will include a review of the federal, state, school-based, and private funding sources. Upon completion of this workshop the student will be able to effectively access the funding they need to complete their college degree. An emphasis will be placed on student responsibility and an understanding of the full financial process and timetable. Participants should bring their last year’s income details to the workshop. Participants should be current college students or prospective college students who have attended an earlier session of Essentials of College Planning Workshop with MEOC.

SAR Clarification & Corrections Workshop
Follow-up to MEOC Financial Aid and Essentials of College Planning Workshops featuring the filing of the FAFSA. The Corrections Workshop will focus on the SAR: reviewing the SAR for accuracy, correcting to reflect completed taxes and up-dated benefit information, and clarifying verifications and other “flags” and notices that are part of the SAR paperwork. Workshops will also include an update on relevant scholarships and serve as a reminder of the importance of meeting deadlines for scholarship applications. Students should bring their SAR paperwork (pink) and all up-dated income records which may include their completed tax forms. Workshops will include an overview demonstrating how a good financial aid package integrates with other educational elements for a successful college experience.

Study Skills
This workshop will introduce specific study skills, which will contribute to success in college. Students will develop useful study habits in the areas of note taking, effective listening, test taking, and time management. This workshop will be particularly relevant for those who are entering college or adult education.