MEOC participants in their own words

Going back to college as an adult can be intimidating! And yet, in Maine, so-called “non-traditional” students, are becoming more and more common every year. Each year, hundreds of Maine adults find success in college. Each is a little different, but one thing many have in common is that they have worked with MEOC to find success.

The following is a variety of MEOC participants, from new enrollees to college to recent graduates, telling in their own words a little bit about what college was like for them.

Background – MEOC participants come from all over the state of Maine, from ages 18 to 65, and sometimes even older! Some are single parents, some are finding their way back to the workforce after some time away.

In 2001, I found myself to be a single parent of two; ages 6 and 8. I began to recognize certain patterns and behaviors that were playing out in my life.
                                    Gail, age 44

I am a 65 year-old and hard-of-hearing woman who pretty much raised 2 children alone; I’m also a grandmother of 6, and a great-grandmother to one.
Linda, age 65

I was incarcerated for a period of time before being transferred to a facility in Charleston, ME. At that time I had been eager to get an education upon my release. Due to my circumstances at that point I had not been able to take the steps to begin the process.
Carmine, age 23

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